Saturday, February 8, 2014

Freakin' Weekend Post Dude

Stan Karbine's part from $14 The Hard Way is sure to make the winter pains ache a little more. Guest appearances by a few fellow ScumCocks, Danger Dan and Drew Windon.

Stan Karbine - $14 The Hard Way from smalls on Vimeo.

Thrasher featured the new OneUp promo on their site, because they got the hots for one Austin Kanfoush who rounds out the end of the man-tage with some heavy shredding. You should have already seen the trailer by now, but whether you have or havent', watch it here:

or on Thrasher Magazine

In other news, Fatty got a settlement for fucking up his back at work and Jake Johnson's got an offer on the table for a new shoe deal, so that should make some people go, About Fucking Time. Speaking of Yake, he and some other dirts get after it in this new edit from NJ SCUM.

OneUp's got some new Fuck Yinz gear, so if you're not repping that shit yet, start:

Carnegie park is coming along. Looks like it'll be open by the summer, but you'd have to ask Austin to know for sure:

Monday, October 7, 2013

More Evan

Joe Perrin filmed Evan Smith at Mr. Smalls and around the Burgh for Independent Trucks. Pretty sure the first one has zero skating, just a tour of the venue and recording studio, but the other one has some rippage at Milliones, Crafton Banks, Grant St and a few other spots that aren't all that familiar to me.


Friday, August 30, 2013

Evan In Westgate's Thrasher

Evan Smith's got a 10 page interview in the new Thrasher where he gives the Burgh some shine and some props to the locals though no one gets named specifically. Support literacy and print magazines and pick this one up. Westgate also has a hefty interview in there as well that's definitely worth the price of admission.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Billy and Fred

Having your personal hero around does funny things to a man.

Austin's On One

There are certain companies that you can always count on to keep what's always been good about skateboarding still at the heart of it. Anti Hero is probably the best example of that as seen in basically everything they do. P Stone put together a little edit of some of the 18 from around the Bay Area and Austin both tears it up and gets torn up.